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KyloicJim LaValle is a nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board certified clinical nutritionist, naturopathic doctorate and founder of LaValle Metabolic Institute, an interdisciplinary clinic in Cincinnati. He is the Life Time Fitness (LTM) expert on nutrition and metabolism and consults throughout North America touching millions of lives through their Fitness Facilities. Jim joins us today to discuss The Emerging New Face of Cardiometabolic Risk from high performance athletes to general obesity & How to Manage the Metabolic Syndrome. Kyolic is the world's most scientifically researched, best selling & odorless Aged Garlic Extract. We begin with 100% organically grown garlic from our farms in California for maximum purity and we age our garlic to perfection in a unique twenty month extraction process to eliminate odor and create beneficial compounds found only in Kyolic. Visit  or call 1-800-421-2998


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51R8Pvy4rnL._AC_US327_QL65_In this groundbreaking book, Steven Campbell (affectionately known as the "Brain Whisperer") shows you how to use the new brain science to transform your life: end negative thinking, improve focus and clarity, enhance problem solving, and simply be happier. Now in its third edition, tens of thousands of people have benefited from the information in this life affirming book, Making Your Mind Magnificent: Use the New Brain Science to Transform Your Life: End Negative Thinking, Improve Focus and Clarity, and Be Happier. Steven shares the exact principles of how your mind works. And as any of the great teachers will tell you, the secret to success and happiness in life is found inside your brain. Chapter by chapter you will be led on amazing journey of how your mind actually works and how to use it to achieve whatever it is that you want in life. Tools and exercises at end of each chapter will help you quickly and easily master the concepts being presented.




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