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ZikahandbookKeeping healthy and fighting disease is what your body's immune system is all about. What does your body use as weapons in the arsenal to stave off the toxins you're exposed to every day? Antioxidants. This may sound too New Age-y for you, but many in conventional Western medicine acknowledge the importance of getting sufficient antioxidants from your diet or by other means. How do antioxidants work? Antioxidants donate electrons to these free radicals, rendering them harmless, without becoming free radicals themselves. They serve to defend your cells from damage and resist the effects of exposure to pollutants and other toxins. Joe Alton, M.D. is a disaster preparedness expert, member of the Wilderness Medical Society, and NY Times/Amazon bestselling author of "The Survival Medicine Handbook: THE essential guide for when medical help is NOT on the way" and other books. Dr. Alton has also written the just-released and timely The Zika Virus Handbook. Dr. Alton is a well known speaker and host of The Doom and Bloom™ Survival Medicine Hour syndicated podcast.


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Healthy Living Magazine Spring-Summer 2015Candita Mamet is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Ann Maria MBA Graduate, Springfield College MSW Graduate and founder of Healthy Living Magazine and Events a unique regional-oriented publication and event planning featuring the most respected Health, fitness and wellness practitioners, is dedicated to providing the region with the most current and relevant health information available.


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Willard       John Willard is the grandson of the founder and creator of Willard Water who has recently joined the Willard Water team following the death of his uncle. He’s making some significant and exciting changes in how they market and distribute Willard Water. His background is in politics, communications and media relations. He worked for the Clinton Administration under the Secretary of Agriculture, and for Tim Johnson. Dr. John W. Willard, Ph.D, invented Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) in the late 1960s and re-named his product “Willard Water®” shortly after 60 Minutes aired a detailed story on Dr. Willard and his invention in 1980. Willard Water® is many things to many people, and is used in a variety of ways. What seems to be the common denominator is that Dr. Willard’s Water® is a more efficient form of water. Technically, the molecular structure of H2O is altered by a catalyst. As a result, the Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) acts as a normalizer on all living things not in a healthy state. When consumed regularly, Dr. Willard’s Water® can help assimilate nutrients more efficiently, increase enzyme activity and strengthen the immune system.For more on this wonderful product please visit





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