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Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Radio Shows
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Samantha Miller is the founder, president, and chief scientist of Pure Analytics, a renowned cannabis laboratory in Santa Rosa, California. An internationally recognized biochemist, Miller served as chief science officer for Hmbltd products, where her expertise at the intersection of science, business, and therapeutic cannabis helped raised the bar for products innovation in a rapidly evolving industry. Miller draws on 25 years of cannabis cultivation experience and more than 15 years of analytical chemistry, product development, and business insight to create groundbreaking techniques in cannabis analytics, research, and strain isolation. At Hmbltd, she served as the driving force behind the buzzed-about Hmbldt dose pen, one of TIME magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2016.” Miller is also an educator and public speaker who shares her knowledge of cannabis medicine, science, and innovation with thousands of patients and members of the public.


11:20 Guest


AmercanexWhat's more popular in America than the NFL? By 2020, it could be the marijuana industry, according to a recent report from Greenwave Advisors, a group that analyzes finances in the emerging market of legalized marijuana. The report projects the legalized marijuana industry to earn revenues of $35 billion by 2020 - if marijuana is legalized at the federal level. That easily would surpass what the NFL is currently earning, which is $10 billion. "Of course, this is a market that is already seeing explosive economic growth, and I think now is the time to add order, ethics and transparency to 'cannabusiness,' " says business insider and Wall Street Commodities expert Steve Janjic. He says what's needed is a Wall Street-like model to allow the industry to participate in exchanges to buy, sell or trade inventories in a fully disclosed and transparent marketplace, while strictly adhering to the taxation, regulatory and reporting requirements of the state and local agencies. "The NFL is a very successful organization, but it has also experienced some negative media this year, including right now, before its biggest event," says Janjic, CEO of Amercanex, the first fully electronic marketplace exchange for the cannabis industry.


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Famous gardeners Kathy Wadsworth and David Deardorff will be here to talk about your plant needs!




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