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Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Radio Shows
Up beat, out-of-the box guests delivering new ideas,
and solutions that change the world you live in. 

Frankie Boyer at Expo West 2017



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 11:00 Guest

Image00Renowned management consultant for Fortune 500 companies and bestselling author of The Power of Six Sigma and The Ice Cream Maker, Subir Chowdhury is best known for having transformed the quality of the products and processes at many of the world’s leading manufacturers over the past two decades. In THE DIFFERENCE: WHEN GOOD ENOUGH ISN'T ENOUGH, Chowdhury tackles an issue that has haunted him for decades in his work with many of the world’s largest organizations. Why is it that some companies improve only incrementally, while others improve one hundred times that? After all, the ideas and training are the same. What is the difference? THE DIFFERENCE reveals that what distinguishes one organization from another is its culture— its people. The best processes and training programs in the world will not succeed, unless organizations nurture the skills, loyalty and passion of the people who make up their workforce—from the C-suite to the shop floor. Illuminated with stories from his consulting work and his impoverished childhood growing up in Bangladesh, Chowdhury encourages each of us to be the difference in our lives. A powerful guide to living a successful life and career, THE DIFFERENCE will inspire you to care more deeply about what matters most, at work, at home and in our

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11:17 Guest

DEADLIEST ENEMY: Our War Against Killing Germs, by disease detective and bestselling author Dr. Michael T. Osterholm and New York Times bestselling author Mark Olshaker

11:30 Guest

Elizabeth Searle, the Boston author of WE GOT HIM.

 11:46 Guest

WITHOUT MERCY How Today’s Government and Military Would React to Terrorists Detonating a Nuclear Bomb in The U.S. By Fox News Contributor and Terrorism Expert, Colonel David Hunt




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